Lesley’s Pledges and Policies

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition, and Lesley Mansell, Labour Candidate for West of England Metro Mayor

After consulting Labour Party members, organisations and individuals across the West of England, I am delighted to have launched my manifesto with Jeremy Corbyn and Marvin Rees on March 24.

Download a copy of Lesley Mansell, Labour candidate for West of England Metro Mayor’s manifesto

Devolution presents an opportunity for us to tackle the inequalities of our housing market, the insecurity of our jobs market and to end the frustrations of our daily commutes.

I will encourage investment in our region, working with the business community to build on the opportunities our economic prosperity provides.

I want to do things differently, to ensure the West of England works for everyone.

My key pledges are:

  • to build more homes
  • defend tenants against unscrupulous landlords
  • create better jobs
  • provide reliable transport
  • roll out high-speed internet
  • promote green energy policies and protect our countryside


Lesley’s full manifesto can be downloaded here.

Published and promoted by Pete Daw on behalf of Lesley Mansell, both of Tony Benn House, Bristol, BS1 6AY