What area does the West of England Mayor cover?
Bath and North Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire
What are the Mayor’s responsibilities and powers?
Local transport, including roads
Franchise bus services
Strategic planning across the West of England
Investment to boost growth
19+ adult education budget
What is your experience in running a large organisation like this?
Ten years in local council and in NHS management; it is important to establish that I will not be running a large organisation. I will instead be chairing the newly formed Combined Authority, bringing together the leaders of the three local authorities and facilitating us working as a team for the common good of the region.
What are your top 5 priorities?
How is the Mayor funded and what is your annual budget?
Central Government funding, £30m per year over 30 years to be invested in growth
When is the election?
Thursday 4 May 2017
How does the Mayor fit in with local government and Westminster?
Independent from Westminster. The metro mayor will chair the newly-founded West of England Combined Authority
What issues does the Mayor not have control over?
Primary and Secondary Education, Health
What do you want local people to do to help you win this important election?
Thank you for offering your time! We are always grateful for volunteers to help us with canvassing, leaflet distribution, phone banking, voter registration drives, and of course spreading the word to friends and family via word of mouth, and social media. More details of how to sign up are available by clicking here
Do I have to register to vote for you?
A Yes, you will need to register by 13 April, details of how to register to vote are available here
What experience does Labour have of managing a large area?
Apart from being in government between 1997 and 2010, Sadiq Khan and Marvin Rees were both elected in 2016 as mayors for London and Bristol. I supported Marvin on his campaign and we have a good working relationship.
If I want to donate to your campaign or offer to help how do I contact you?
A large campaign like this needs funds to run effectively, and all donations would be greatly appreciated. Contact the campaign team for details on how to support my campaign by clicking here.
Will there be a hustings with all the candidates?
Hustings are a vital and exciting part of the democratic electoral system, and I will be publishing details of all hustings I am speaking at on my website. I look forward to meeting many of you at these events.
What was the selection process for your selection as Labour candidate?
I submitted my application, was interviewed by the Regional Panel, and then put through to the final shortlist of three candidates. Members then voted and I won that vote.
What will you do for women when you become Mayor?
Equality is at the heart of all my policies, such as promoting family friendly working conditions, seeking to close the gender pay gap and investigating better quality childcare. In addition I will work with local authorities and PCC to ensure the West of England promote equality, safety, and listen to women’s groups when formulating policies.
There is very little said or done about our environment. What will you do to protect it?
I will protect our green belt via planning powers. I will also promote Clean Air initiatives and support all three local authorities in their aims to be carbon neutral by 2050. I will also look at alternative sources of energy including harnessing the tidal power of the Severn Estuary.
Do you have dates and venues where you will be speaking?
All details of future events I will be attending will be on my by clicking here. You can also follow my Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.
What are your plans for the region’s economy?
By investing in training and skill development, I will seek to close the earnings gap in the West of England. Better transport, and access to affordable housing will enable people across the region to benefit from the high productivity and bring more money back into the local economy. I will encourage investment into green technology and support our already thriving technology sector, making the West of England a leader in those fields.   Building more houses, and filling training gaps in the building sector will support our infrastructure.

Published and promoted by Rebecca Ward on behalf of Lesley Mansell, both of Tony Benn House, Bristol, BS1 6AY